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10 Mile Canoe & Kayaking Trips

Intermediate - Advanced | More Challenging

Quick Details

Duration: 4.5 – 5 hrs.
Distance: 10 mi.
Start: Zaloo’s Boathouse
End: J.E. Gentry Rd. Bridge

All-Day New River Kayaking & Canoeing Trip

Great for people who have experience canoeing or kayaking and looking for a more prolonged physical activity. You start at Zaloo’s Boathouse and paddle 5 miles until you come to the New River State Park Wagoner Access. This is your half-way point. Many folks choose to stop and stretch their legs or have lunch here. Then you continue on for another 5 miles where we pick you up at Gentry Rd. Bridge. You can also camp at the half-way point, which this makes a great, hassle-free overnight trip.

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